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Jay Varma’s - The Primacy of 5

After years of introspection and self-doubts, most of which was unwarranted, Jay Varma broke the mould, so to say. His first-ever solo show, The Primacy of 5 - Bringing the Panchakanyas to life, was an absolute winner, all the way. Having created the series based on his illustrious ancestor, one of India’s greatest artists, Raja Ravi Varma, Jay had a lineage to answer, to showcase and to emulate.

The opening evening on Apr 16, 2022 for a select audience with a conversation between the artist and the well-known author Manu S. Pillai received a fantastic response. Jay modelled his series on the women from the epics and borrowed the theme from Ravi Varma’s works. But the similarity ended there.

Jay’s canvas is rich in colour and as he says, his palette is filled with more colours than his ancestor. To be sure, he isn’t seeking a comparison; he’s always wanted to be an artist in his own right and if anything, the Primacy of 5 ensured that the Varma legacy is in the right hands.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's an artist, who knew?

Print Brew has over the years supported and promoted artists by way of its Artists’ Initiative Programme. It is a delight to announce our association with Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who over the last 15 years, has been painting, away from the world’s eyes. Having first exhibited his works in Dubai in 2009, Salman’s paintings haven’t been displayed after that. Having evolved as an artist in the years hence, Salman’s works will be showcased through SGMF from now on. His new work Immortal: Selfless In A Selfish World was unveiled at the Foundation on February 26, 2021 as part of the launch on Google Arts and Culture. Besides this, some of the artist’s other works are also on display in one of the exhibits of SGMF on GAC. His works can be accessed on the exhibit Celebrating & Promoting Diversity In Arts.

Unveiling Hidden Truth

Rukmini Varma’s ‘Hidden Truth’ Raja Ravi Varma: The Inside Story published by Print Brew was officially unveiled on 29th April 2018 at the Foundation Headquarters on Lavelle Road.

As the Chairperson of the Foundation and being the great great granddaughter of the great artist himself, Mrs Varma has based the book upon what she has learned about Ravi Varma from her grandmother — the last Maharani of Travancore — Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, who knew much about his personal experiences that others did not.

The book was launched by eminent filmmaker Ms Parvathi Menon and Mr Venugopal Varma, son of Rukmini Varma. There was also a long and detailed conversation on the book, her reasons behind writing it and why she felt the time was right to have it published, that was moderated by Mrs Varma’s granddaughter Gowrie, who is a lawyer and filmmaker by profession.

Being the marquee event hosted by the Foundation to commemorate the 170th birth anniversary of Raja Ravi Varma, more than 120 people attended the event and 125 copies of the book were sold on its very first day.

Amongst the movers and shakers of Bangalore's best media houses

Print Brew was launched on August 21st with the blessings of Dr. S K Maini, the founder of Maini group. It was an event that was well attended by the movers and shakers of the media industry and will be etched into the making of the Print Brew story. A story of a dream come true for Gitanjali Maini and her associates.